Do You Want To DOUBLE Your Current Speed Reading?

Find out how to read over 500 words per minute and completely understand everything you read.

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Double Your Confidence Overnight With These 11 Experiential Exercises

It is normal that at some point in your life you might feel insecure about yourself, lack the confidence to utilize your abilities and talents or have disempowering thoughts.

Nevertheless, if you think that is how you feel most of the time, and it affects your daily life negatively, then the activities discussed in this blog post may help you out. Practice these exercises as often as you want to notice a significant change in your confidence level.

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7 Tips I Use For Keeping My Focus Strong On A Task, No Matter Its Complexity

Continuous distractions prevent our brains from focusing on a task, no matter its complexity. We all strive to keep focus in our daily lives. 

Our day to day reality is that most of us lack the ability to focus. The average person can concentrate at only 25% efficiency; this is why increasing your focus is one of my favorite topics and the target for my students.

You might ask yourself: How can I train to induce that focused state in myself?

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The Real Trick Of Speed Reading

The art of speed reading consists of a mixture of reading methods created to get you reading faster. The central goal here is to decrease the number of habits that slow you down and increase the number of patterns that can speed you up.

Speed reading is not a skill you need to use every time you read.

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7 Steps To Build A Solid Personal Branding Strategy

Do you want to show the world your best authentic self?

You know you need to have a strong personal brand, but your schedule is too overloaded. You are too busy working on your daily tasks than working on your career.

However, you are very aware that you need to know more and be more to achieve your goals.

In today’s post, will learn how to create a targeted and consistent impression that can help you achieve your professional and personal goals.

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10 Exercises For Increasing Your Focus Right Now

Have you ever wondered what would be your results if you would better focus your thoughts?

Once you decide and manage to take your mind off multiple things and devote your complete focus and attention to the singular task at hand, you can achieve the results you want.

Focus and concentrate your mind, and will see the results.

In today’s post, I’ll give 10 exercises you can perform in under 15 minutes and which will skyrocket your focus ability.

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