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Speed reading is like racing a car. Going fast is important, but if you just hit the accelerator, you’ll lose steering and crash into another car. Racing requires control, not just a powerful engine.

In my 10x Power Learning Course, you will learn:

  • Time-proven strategies that will help you understand when to slow down and when to speed up, so you get the most value from your reading time.
  • A powerful principle that will automatically increase your comprehension at higher reading speeds.

My goal is to help you move from zero speed reading experience to a speed of 700 – 900 words per minute depending on your objective.


Have you ever wondered what would be your results if you would focus and concentrate your thoughts?

Once you decide and manage to take your mind off multiple things and devote your complete focus and attention to the singular task at hand, you can achieve the results you want.

In my 10x Power Focus Course, you will get step-by-step strategies to align your mind and dedicate total focus and concentration on the task at hand. You will also learn:

  • How to improve your reading comprehension and retention using concentration
  • Why training your memory is all about using your IMAGINATION
  • How to develop strong sense of discipline
  • and much more.


Do you want to learn new things faster? Do you want to become a more efficient and effective learner? Your time is limited so it is important to get the most value out of the time you have available.

You can implement effective learning strategies in your life and achieve deep mastery in your chosen field.

Here’s a small taste of what you’ll discover:

  • How to have total confidence in your knowledge
  • How to have total confidence in your knowledge
  • How to learn subjects that are above your level
  • How to take notes effectively


Do you have too much to do each day … and not nearly enough time to do it? You know demands after demands from everyone around you. Let’s not forget the mountain of e-mails … memos … reports … trade journals … blogs … business books … newsletters .

Great News! I developed a detailed, in-depth course – 10x Ultra Productivity – in which you will find:

  • How to quickly odentify your TOP Performance activities that will help you plan your time for maximum efficiency.
  • The single most powerful tool for getting more done - doing this alone will double your productivity
  • The unique rool that good food and good friends play in emotional and physical well-being
  • How to finally get control over your email box once and for all.


Tim Wiesner

10X Power Learning Course

This course is worth price you pay for it. I have improved my efficiency in learning new material so much by the methods taught in this course.

If I had access to this information when I was in school my performance would have been much better than it was.

I now have the ability to learn quicker and retain the information better than before. Thanks Silviu for this course.

10X Ultra Productivity Course

This course really helped me to see where I’m lacking in my productivity skills.

I especially liked the lecture on email, I am guilty of having my phone on or at least on vibrate and I check it every single time I get an email. I’ll definitely stop doing that now!

Anyone who lives in the 21st century should take this course!

Shelley Benhoff
Johnny Johansen

10X Power Focus

The teacher uses interleaving and repeats the teachings from lesson to lesson, keeping the material fresh in the student’s mind.

Easily digestible content that can be applied to every aspect of your life.

This is a fantastic course so far, there are many models and questions you’ll learn here that you can apply to anything

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Hi, I'm Silviu Marisca

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Over 25,000 students read my material to learn how to use psychology and systems to skyrocket their learning abilities. That could mean getting better grades at school, reading more books, improving their memory or getting more important things done.